Welcome to TES

Starting a new school is an exciting and unique opportunity for the chance to build something from the ground up. In our first year, there are many aspects of the school that are being established and will continue to be established throughout the early stages of the school.   Many aspects will take time to build and establish. Throughout each day, the safety and education of all our students will be our focus.  As parents ourselves, we know how important it is for parents to know that their children are being taken care of.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated staff who find this stage of a school exciting and jump at the opportunity to be a part of it all.   We are expecting a great first year.  Thanks in advance for your support and patience as we grow together to make TES an exceptional school!

Orientation Information 2014-15

Please CLICK HERE to view dates for grade level orientations and opportunities to see the building and meet staff.

 Grade Level Supply Lists and Wish Lists


Drop Off/Pick Up at TES

This SITE MAP  provides an aerial view of the school and helps to see where it is necessary to park, enter, exit and drop off/pick up.

Basics to Remember:

  • Drop off and pick up is not an appropriate time to talk with staff or other parents.
  • Children must be able to buckle themselves
  • Always display the Pick Up Card–Anyone picking up must have this card displayed.  Keep card displayed until your children are in the car.  If you need a new card, ask the front office to make another.
  • Students should have belongings ready to go so that they can exit the car quickly.
  • Remain patient and attentive to ensure an efficient and peaceful car line.

Parent must drop off their child in one of two locations.

1.  The “kiss-and-go” carpool drop off lane, which loops around the building.  For safety, only allow your child to exit the vehicle when a school safety patrol student is ready to assist your child.  Students must exit the vehicle from the passenger side only.  Parents must not get out of their vehicles in the kiss-and-go lane.

2.  In the parking lot of Gold Park (if it is not raining.)  Representatives of TES wearing bright vests will be available between 7:35 and 7:50 AM to meet students in the parking lot of Gold Park, and walk to school (less than 0.1 miles) along the trail from there.  Students must remain with the safety patrol or volunteer leader for the entire walk.  Students are NOT allowed to walk alone, or to walk during rainy weather.  If it is 7:51 or later, do not drop your student off at Gold Park.

Pick Up

All pick ups will be from TES.  Gold Park will not be used for this time.  Pick Up Cards must be displayed and easily visible.  There will be numbered zones–cones will be placed indicating each zone.  As cars approach, staff will call out students to go to one of the zones where you will be parked.  Students will be exiting from the gym.

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